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16mm scale live steam locomotives, upgrades and accessories


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Station Valences

These delightful new products are produced by a very good friend, Phil Savage. Based on those at Ghum on the Darjeeling they would also be very suitable for any freelance station. Difficult things to fabricate from scratch, they are robustly etched from 0.45mm brass and nicely detailed. They are about 27.5mm long.

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I will carry some to exhibitions for inspection but full details can be had from Phil at

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All my models and parts are made in the U.K.

Update Jan 2021

I've had a few queries asking whether I am still operating.

The answer is a most emphatic YES.

In fact, I have been extremely busy since the first lockdown with many customers ordering parts for rediscovered projects that have been 'resting'! 

I think that's a very positive side effect of this bizarre situation and a credit to the benefits and appeal of our amazing hobby.

Most parts are available ex-stock. I make many of the parts but some are obtained from other suppliers who have much more sophisticated machinery than I have. Not surprisingly, some of these parts have been subject to delays with supplies.

I'm doing my best to keep safe and am lucky to live in a beautiful part of rural Dorset.

Keep safe all.

I still have some of the once-only cast items available but they have proven to be very popular and  many have gone.


Salem now available in Maroon

The loco below has blackened handrails etc and fixed lights.

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