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16mm scale live steam locomotives, upgrades and accessories


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Station Valences

These delightful new products are produced by a very good friend, Phil Savage. Based on those at Ghum on the Darjeeling they would also be very suitable for any freelance station. Difficult things to fabricate from scratch, they are robustly etched from 0.45mm brass and nicely detailed. They are about 27.5mm long.

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I will carry some to exhibitions for inspection but full details can be had from Phil at

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Image description

All our models and parts are made in the U.K.

Whitemetal detail castings to bring life to your railway.

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These have been incredibly popular. They are in limited supply so order before they run out! Best is to see them at a show as there are some things not listed here.


Heavy weight buffer beams for Salem

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In addition to the complete locomotives, I can supply all the component parts from simple nuts and bolts to complete boilers,chassis,  burners and body parts. I am gradually adding new upgrade parts and, with Salem shown to the right, a complete new locomotive.

I am very proud to be able to say that, in addition to the UK, there are now many RWM Steam locos running in France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Australia and the USA. Parts have also been sent to other countriues including Russia and Italy.

I also stock many spare parts and upgrades for original Mamod locomotives, IP Engineering Jane and, of course, my own locomotives. i still have some original Mamod body parts but these will only be available while stocks last


I will be attending selected 16mm or Garden Railway exhibitions with a full sales stand. I also attend exhibitions with my friend Charlie Harrisson's O Gauge layout 'Dock Green' and occasionally with Bill Bishop's O gauge layout Höchstädt.

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I would happy to take specific 16mm items to these shows if forwarned. Please ask.