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Latest News - not quite a Blog! (but hopefully the next best thing)

Websites can tend to be a little impersonal so this is where I intend to share what's happening at RWM Steam.

The snag with having a page like this is, of course, that I'm busy and don't always remember to update it so please bear with me. If nothing has been written for a while it doesn't mean that nothing has been happening!

Well, it's virtually two and a half years since I wrote the last message. Regular visitors to the website will know that I have had a true Annus Horribilis last year so I do feel as if I have some valid excuse.

It started in November 2017 when I ruptured my left Achiiles quite badly (playing walking football if you must know! - You may laugh now!) For some time I was unable to even get into the workshops. Then when I could I manage to get in I stood there thinking .... now what? It's impossible to make models etc holding onto two crutches!

Of course, all that pales into total insignificance when my wife died after a routine hospital procedure went horribly wrong. As if that wasn't enough, I was then laid low for the best part of three months with a really nasty infection. As a result of that, I was unable to attend either the Exeter Garden Railway Show or our Wimborne 0 Gauge Show despite the fact that I am the organiser of the latter! One way or another I had been severely knocked sideways.

Because of all these happenings I have got well and truly behind with orders. I'd like to apologise to customers who have been kept waiting and also thank them for their patience, understanding and good wishes.

However, I seem to be pretty well back to normal now and am busy preparing for Saturday's 16mm Association show at Peterborough.


I hadn't realised how long it had been since I wrote the last item here (hangs head in shame!)

Following incredible interest in Pilgrim at Elsecar last weekend, I have decided that I really must get some more development done on this project. Hopefully I will have it with me and have some news to report at Exeter 29.10.16.

I've put an interim photo of the prototype on the Salem page

Since the items below were written, Salem is in full production and my Grandson, Reuben (now 9!) has been great in testing the loco very fully.


The enhancement items for Janets (and like locos) and De Wintons are now in production. Full details on the Upgrades page


Great news on Salem. The prototype has been running and tested by myslef and my great helper, Reuben (my 7 year old grandson!).

There is a video on the diesels page showing the progress has been made and just how powerful this loco is.

The loco should be fully in production in the next three-four weeks. The body parts are at the powder-coaters and the last remaining part, the radiator grill, is ready to go to the caster.


Still delays on Salem I'm afraid. I had expected to use bevel gears in the gearbox to overcome the problems that can be asociated with the cheaper worm and gear sets when used on downhill grades when hauling a load. However, despite the intial development work on this (and I was stunned by complex this whole area can be) the gear sets will not fit between the excellent new and specially commisioned wheels sets when set for 32mm gauge.

Therefore, having taken advice from Brian Clapperton, who may be well known to some of you are the designer and buider of ABC gearboxes (the very best available for O gauge) I have decided to use helical gears. These are very efficient and do not have the problems referred to above with worm and gears. However, this has meant a total redesign of the gearbox to accomodate thius change.


Lots of new things to report.

Firstly is the new Gallery page

Salem is almost ready and interest is very high. Like so many things it takes so much longer to bring to fruition that expected so many apologies for people who are still waiting.

There are new etches for detailing Janets, Janes, Mamods and De Wintons - and there are more in the pipeline.

The Tenders for  Janets etc have proved to be very popular as ahev the lovely lost wax castings for loco or tender water fillers.

Following lots of expressed interest at Peterborough earlier this month James, first shown in pre-prototype form last year, is going to make a proper appearance before too long. Wow! A different looking steam loco.


As I said above, I'm not that good at remembering to update this page.

However, there are lots of exciting new developments to report and they have me really excited about the future.

Firstly, of course, there is Salem. This is a totally new battery powered diesel outline loco based on the original made by Ross Evans some time ago.

Then there is the new tender for Janets, Janes and Mamods. This is a lovely sturdy model, made from etched brass, developed with Swift Sixteen and is available from both of us.

I'm really excited by the first offerings of a whole raft of detailing features : water filler castings, cylinder covers for Janet, Jane and Mamod (at last!), coal baskets and two designs of buffer beam overlays with rivet detail suitable for either Janet etc and De Winton (they are not the same! - De Winton's is larger).

RWM Janets and De Wintons are now running literally all over the World. They are in the UK, of course, but also in France, Spain, Germany, Japan, Australia and the USA. I have one on the bench ready to be sent to Denmark.


Hot News - Cylinders and both types of boiler are back in stock

After a long wait, I at last have these popular and very high quality items in stock.

26.9.12  Website up and running - at last. Just a few mods to make!

27.9.12 Shown on the right, the latest De Winton, newly delivered to Michael Clemence makes it's debut at The Vale of Aylesbury Model Engineers last weekend. Thanks for sending the photo Michael.

The loco is obviously working hard - and what a fine plume of steam!

Image description

28.9.12 As you may gather, I'm a big fan of Summerlands Chuffers and I've spent an interesting afternoon developing one for De Winton. Needs testing tomorrow if the weather holds 

29.9.12 An interesting day testing the chuffer on de Winton. This is a much more complex job than on Janet because it entails replacing entirely the condenser with one in which the chuff pipe is permanently silver soldered in position. The loco ran really well and sounded good but I need to experiment with a larger 'chimney.

30.9.12 Photos posted of Janet with cab

4.10.12 Busy couple of days. I've been working on the patterns for a couple of new castings - these will be added to the list and advised when the castings are ready. Also, I've been playing around with alterations to De Winton to make it suitable for 7/8 scale. 

In the meantime, I have to report that the testing of the De Winton Chuffer is a success so this is an option that will be offered shortly.

8.10.12 Much has been going on despite the fact that there have been no new postings for a few days. As can be seen on the De Winton page, the development of fitting a Summerlands Chuffer has concluded very successfully. Also, the loco had proved to be equally at home as either a 16mm scale loco or as a 7/8 scale one.


This has been an amazingly busy couple of weeks. I have been to two shows: in Exeter and Wimborne so much preparation was needed for those.

There are new products (referred to above) on the RWM Steam upgrades page and, biggest news of all, a Summerlands Chuffer assembly is now avaliable for De Wintons and, boy, does it work!


Life has been very busy of late here at RWM Steam hence the lack of posting. However, the big news is that the new De Winton boilers are now in stock. As can be seen alongside, these really are beautiful objects in themselves. Made by Helen Verrall at Western Steam, all come numbered, tested and with their own test certificate. The further image shows the view from the top in which the three cross tubes can be seen (well, just about, it's dark in there!)

Image description
Image description


Beautiful sunny but chilly day. I've just come in from testing De Winton with the larger gas tank shown in the video. Pulling my heavy modified, concrete-filled tippers the run lasted a good 20 minutes. Raising steam took an initial 8 minutes before that. Not a bad way to spend half an hour or so!


Happy New Year to all.

New on the website today is the full height cab conversion for De Winton available both prefitted and as a retro fit.