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Whitemetal detail castings to add that special touch

I have acquired a large selection of cast white metal parts. Amounts vary - there are lots of some of them but only a few of others. When stocks run out that will probably be it, I’m afraid.
Sizes vary  so I have photographed them against two of Rob Bennet’s Busybodies, one 16mm and one 7/8th scale figure, and a ruler to give a sense of the size and scale of the items. The items are really nicely cast. The pattern maker knew what he/she was doing.
The photos show a large proportion of the items but others will only be available from shows as there are too many different things to list properly.

The photo shoot was going very well until the larger figure complained about being kept out in the sun with his overcoat on! Well, it was a lovely warm day!

Image description

This image gives a general view of some of the various tools and of the overall quality of the items.

The items are:
Watering can, gas bottle, anvil, vice, tool chest, token apparatus, scales, oil can large, oiler medium, oiler small, funnel, round lamp,  square lamp, can 1, spade, paint pots, blow lamp, can 2, desk telephone,
tenon saw, electric drill small, wrench 1, small hammer, small shovel, paintbrushes, knife, spanner, micrometer, large electric drill, crowbar, hacksaw, bow saw, adjustable spanner, wrench 2, wrench 3


Square lamps £1.50, round Lamps £1.50, vice, anvil and token apparatus £1 each, all others 75p each

Image description
Image description

Small animals

Dog laying down, cat playing, rat!, hunting cat, small dog sitting, small terrier, cat sleeping, squirrel, large bird, snail, frog, hedgehog, sitting cat, tortoise, sitting cat again, cat reaching over a box or something, mouse (yes, really)

The two top animals £1 each, all the others 75p each - except snail and mouse 50p each

Larger animals

Dog with cocked leg, dog sitting foreleg raised (begging?), large dog sitting, small dog laying, poodle, cat with toy

4 large dogs £1.50 each, laying cat or dog, £1 each

Image description
Image description

More tools

Anvil, grease gun, toolbox, bench drill press, electric drill, drill brace, crowbar, small oiler, sledgehammer, pick, pickaxe, rake, 3 adj spanners/wrenches, large file, large oil can, G cramp, panel saw, spade, welding torch

All at 75p each

Vacuum pipes £1 each

Various wheels and hinges

Long hinge, shorter hinge, large gearwheel, flywheel(?), steering wheel, small belt wheel, small wheel handle, curly spoked wheel handle, steering wheel(?)

Large gears and flywheel  £2 each, Medium gearwheel £1.50 each, small gearwheels £1 each

Image description
Image description

Jerry cans

Quite small (not really sure of the scale but bigger than 0 Gauge), 16mm, 7/8ths

Churns and things

Milk can?, two wagon/coach/loco steps, wheelbarrow body, point lever base and lever, bucket, scale pan, signal counterweight, small jerry can (16mm), old-fashioned fire extinguisher, large (7/8ths) jerry can, conical churn, straight churn

Churns, large jerry can £1.50 each, Other items 60p each

Image description
Image description
Image description

Why shouldn’t they have fun too?

Model train bits

I'm sorry I no longer have any of these bike bits left but I couldn't resist adding this photo of a bike completed by Andrew McMahon.

It's a great example of how good these bits can be when made and painted well.