Salem Mk 2

With its rugged good looks, this is a loco for all diesel enthusiasts .

Even for the committed steam operator there are  occasions when time is short, you just don't want to fire up a steam loco, you need to rescue a 'failed' steam loco (*see the video below) or you have young visitors who can have their own 'hands-on' experience.

Salem is ideal for all these situations.

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These two photos are of a partially completed customer Salem showing the effect of the chemically blackened handrails and window surrounds

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Head and Tail lights for Salem

The images alongside show the twin LED lights. Depending which radio control system is fitted, lights can be fixed which at the front/red at the rear or automatically change from white to red with direction of travel

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Heavier weight 'industrial' buffer beams for Salem.

These cast buffer beams give Salem an even more purposeful look and add another 250g or so of weight - always useful.

They can be added to existing Salems but will need 4 x 2.3mm holes driiling and tapping 6BA in the buffer beam or I can supply a ready prepared replacement buffer beam

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They are compatible in height with both standard centre buffer  and multi-height couplings so will suit almost any stock that is likely to be put behind Salem.

Pair of buffers fitted to new locomotive, front and rear, as above                                   £12                                

Pair of industrial buffers for existing locos, including painting black and fixing screws   £14

Replacement buffer beams with holes drilled and tapped ready                                     £6

NEW! Optional alternative colours for Salem. Standard Salems are powder coated for toughness. This is only practical when a large batch is done. However, I have kept aside a number of unpainted Salem bodies which can be painted any colour, subject to availability. This provides a good finish but perhaps not quite a tough as powder coating. The gallery page shows a maroon Salem and the next batch of bodies will probably be powder coated this colour.

HORN for Salem

In conjunction with Mike Ousby, Acme Model Engineering, I can now offer a realistic horn sound card. The sound has been recorded from a loco at the Leighton Buzzard Railway so is authentic. Unfortunately, due to the production process this cannot be added to an Acme deisel sound card so the horn sound card has to be installed in addition. This works really well with the Timpdon control system.


I can now offer Fosworks Omni-2 radio control as an excellent alternative to the basic sysyem. This 2.4gHz system is designed by Steve Foster. The hand-sized transmitter features a centre-off speed control knob and three auxilliary switches which can be set to be  momentary or locking operation.

The standard system is still fine (but may differ in appearance from the one shown). It features a much larger two-joystick transmitter, a receiver and the well-known MTroniks Viper speed control. Speed and direction are set up on Channel 2, the right hand joystick.

The two transmitters are shown to the right.

The standard Radio Link system (on the left) is included in the basic price.

Cost for the Omni-2 system is basic price +£80

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This video, taken on October 3rd 2014, shows the first production Salem fitted with an Acme sound card rescuing a stranded Swanage Models Lilla locomtive.

Don't worry, the Lilla had merely run out of gas - but it always seems to happen at the furthest point of the railway.

As you will see, Salem made short work of it. It's a real 'work horse'.

The video was taken on my iPad mini so is a little less sophisticated than Chris' videos.

This video was taken on Chris Bird's Summerlands Light railway and features a Salem with the optional MyLocoSound sound card.

My thanks to Chris Bird for this video.

Here we see the development prototype Salem, still in unpainted brass, pulling a seriously substantial load. It was made to work!

Although developed from the original Salem created by the late Ross Evans, and with the permission of his widow, Salem Mk2 is completely new and features the following:

*Laser-cut all-steel chassis with specially produced wheels, rods and cranks

*Etched brass body with 'rivets' and revised window detail

*Powder-coated body and chassis for durability

*Powerful motor with helical gear final drive for smooth running up and down hill

*14.4v rechargable battery

*2.4gHz Radio control with optional sound cards

*Regaugeable from 32mm to 45mm and supplied with handy gauge checker

*Sound cards, where fitted, can be switched on/off

Salem prices

Salem as pictured with 'basic' 2.4gHz radio control           £495

blackened handrails and window surrounds                      +£10

New heavy weight buffers fitted                                         +£10

With Acme sound card fitted                                              +£45

Optional Fosworks R/C system                                          +£80

Fixed lights, white at front, red at rear                               +£30

Other radio control options by negotiation

Directional Lights                                                               +£50

(includes bench 'seat' in cab for driver)

*depends on control system fitted and will need a suitable Timpdon controller

Acme horn sound card fitted                                              +£45

14.4v 'intelligent' battery charger (highly recommended)            £24

As from yesterday (April 11th 2018) Timpdon Electronics have finished production because of personal circumstances. I am in various negotiations to arrange a suitable replacement.

All I can say so far is that it's looking promising but may well have ramifications on the style and price of other interlinked options.

Update 13.4.18. I have received a system from Steve Foster Fosworks which is different but similar (if that makes sense) and at least part of the system has been designed by Geoff Garside, the man behind the Timpdon system.

Update 27.4.18. I've now fully tested it and it works very well so it can now be offered as an excellent option. So far, the additional price is the same as the previous Timpdon offering.

My thanks to Chris Bird of Summerlands Chuffers for his excellent videos.

Some data on Salem


Length over buffer beams: 25.5cm

Width: 10.5cm

Height: 15cm

Weight: 2kg

Gauge adjustable up to 45mm

Each loco comes with a wheel gauge - no more guessing when you change between 32mm and 45mm

Standard colour is green similar to the photo

Standard couplings are RWM multi-height couplings allowing great flexibility with rolling stock

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Salem chassis parts - all laser cut from steel then powder coated (not shown here)

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Salem motor/gearbox assembly

July 2nd 2014

Prototype Salem has a proper test run hauling a very heavy train

Click here to see the video

Pilgrim Locomotiveworks

Details on the Pilgrim development are now on Pilgrim's own page

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