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Cast brass domes to enhance Janets, Janes, Mamods or any other small boilered loco.

These are beautifully produced by Swift Sixteen. They have a 16.5mm diameter internal hole to slip over anything on the boiler. I think that they are of a more pleasing proportion than the original spun Mamod dome.

I also produce an inner sleeve to snugly fit over the 10.5mm dia top-up valve on Janets and keeps the dome securely in place. The dome just rests on the boiler (it's heavy enough to stay there!) and lifts off to access the top-up valve underneath.

Image description
Image description

No, it's not today's 'Spot the Difference' competition!

I also have brass chimney tops that also fit Janets, Janes and Mamod SL1s. The two photos show my Janet with one of the new domes and also the chimney top, firstly in plain brass and then painted black.

Dome              £20.00

Sleeve             £  2.50

Chimney top    £  2.50

Cylinder covers

for Janet (Jane and Mamod SL1 etc, too)

Easy to fit using existing screws


Available as:

Plain etches (Shown to right)   £5                           

Formed plain brass   £8

Formed and powder-coated black  £10

formed covers have 6BA nut soldered to rear

prices are per pair

Image description
Image description

'Rivetted' buffer beam overlays

for Janet (Jane, Mamod etc)

or for De Winton (they are different).


Available ready formed and powder-coated red   £10 per pair

(out of stock at present)

Plain etch (with half etch rivet positions)   £5 per pair

Rivetted ones out of stock at present, plain ones available

Image description
Image description

De Winton

Janet, Jane,

Mamod etc

Coal basket

Easy-form basic etch    £2.50 each 

Formed unpainted £5 each

Formed and sprayed black  £6 each

Image description
Image description
Image description

Lost wax brass cast water fillers

These beautiful castings will enhance any model.

Two sizes are available:

12mm suitable for Janet tanks and 16mm intended for our tenders

but obviously suitable for any situation.

12mm castings are tapped 4BA  and include a screw and spacing washers.

16mm castings have a plain spigot.

Each size £4.50 each

Image description


RWM Reprofiled replacement coupling rods.


Per pair with circlips £5                                                                        

As above painted red £7                                                                                          

These attractive laser-cut steel coupling rods, as used on my new built locomotives, will fit as a direct replacement on original Mamod, IP Jane and, of course, PPS Janet and De Winton locos. The design is based on coupling rods used on Quarry Hunslets.


Image description

RWM Replacement wheels sets for Triang (and Novo) Big Big Train tipper wagons.

These 16mm dia steel wheels on steel axles have been specially developed as an easy drop-in replacement for the original moulded wheels. The shouldered axles set the gauge and the ends are specially reduced to fit Big Big axle boxes. They will improve the running and stability of your Big Big tippers, pick up less dirt from the track and add an important 40g or so of weight to your wagon

Set of 4 wheels and 2 axles assembled £6 (£7 insulated)

32mm gauge only

Similar to fit Binnie tippers etc £6  (£7 insulated)  

32mm or 45mm gauge, please specify when ordering 

Please note axle length and diameter are different for Binnie and Big Big


Image description

Cab conversion for Janet (will also fit Mamod, IP Jane etc)

An attractive part-cab which still allows easy access to the cab fittings. This is available as either a simple set, unpainted but with fixings, or primed with spectacle rings, and dummy whistle (as in photo).

On Janet, the cab fixes to the tanks using the same holes and screws that hold the cab front. Mamod, MSS and, possibly, IP Jane will need these drilling and either tapping 10BA or for self-tappers.


Basic cab unpainted £22 (includes spectacles)

Primed as in photo  £30 (includes spectacles and dummy whistle)

Dummy Whistle £5

Also available

Janet style cab rear, unpainted    £15

As above but open rear

as shown on the Gallery page      £15

Janet style cab front unpainted     £15

Image description

The image to the right shows a front 3/4 view of a green Janet fitted with the optional cab. There is another view on the Janet page. This makes an eye-catching and distinctive locomotive and is very easy to fit. This locomotive has been specially sprayed this colour. I can spray a cab any colour but because of the processes involved cannot guarantee to match an existing power-coat colour.  

Cab supplied primed and painted any* colour      £50

*subject to availability of suitable paint

Cab rear coal doors. Cast whitemetal, easily fitted and with beautiiful bolthead detail. Personalise your Mamod, Jane, Janet or other small loco with these attractive dummy doors based on those fitted to small Hunslet locos.   £5.00

Multi-height coupling. This new casting features beautifully moulded hexagonal bolt heads. It comes complete with central fixing screw and nut, coupling chain and hook.  Enables safe and easy coupling with a variety of coupling heights while still keeping the coupling chain level. Works well pushing and pulling wagons.  £5 per pair

This is a blue Janet open cab rear fitted with the rear coal doors and multi-height coupling shown here attached but unpainted.

These are my latest additions. I have lots of things 'in the pipeline' and expect to be adding to and updating this list regularly. Keep abreast of developments via the 'Latest News' page

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Image description
Image description
Image description


Cast whitemetal lamptop with profiled

base to fit carriage roof etc:           pack of 6      £10

Cast whitemetal ventilators:           pack of 6    £6.50     

Useful spares and extras

Image description
Image description

50ml syringe and flexible tube

for filling/extracting water from boilers     

10ml syringe and metal tube

for extracting fluid from lubricators




I also have stocks of copper pipe, steam fittings, BA screws and nuts and all sorts of bits and pieces.

Chuff pipe

Transform the sound of your Janet, IP Jane, MSS and original Mamod with a Summerlands Chuffers chuff pipe. Model SCGP1-25 £29

Please note that I do not stock other models of Summerlands Chuffers

Now available: Chuffer assembly to fit De Winton: £ 48

Chuffer fitted with the excellent FX control - add £10

These excellent devices really do transform almost any 16mm loco and have proved to be one of the most exciting and innovative recent devlopments.  See Chris Bird's Mamod on YouTube on the Mamod page.

This loco has also been fitted with our excellent replacement cylinders and reversing valve (see Mamod page click here)

 Summerlands Chuffer News

Chris Bird has now developed the FX Chuffer which enables the user to choose at will between full, softer or almost no chuff.

This is very much a precision-engineered device.

Although this can be fitted by the user, it does require both access to a lathe and the ability to drill a very accurate hole. It is far better either fitted from new or retro fitted to janets or de Wintons by me.

The photo here shows a standard Chuffer, the hole required in a standard Chuffer, the FX control and a complete FX assembly.

Image description

If you are searching for something that is not listed, please call or email. I have lots of things that are not necessarily on here. For example, all parts for Janet and de Winton can be purchased subject to availability.

As materials prices are constantly changing, we must reserve to right to change prices as new items are ordered. Please email or phone to check.